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The 3CX Basic Certification course consists of five modules all of which are fundamental to be able to correctly setup and configure your PBX. In a nutshell they cover the basic concepts of getting 3CX up and running as well as basic troubleshooting techniques and will ultimately prepare you for the next stage; the 3CX Intermediate Certification. Each module provides you with ample material to ensure that you can easily pass the Basic exam from the first try.

Follow the course

Click on any of the modules below to get a detailed overview of what’s covered, the course content, supporting documentation as well as sample questions.

1. Install 3CX

Find out everything you need to know before performing your first installation of 3CX; such as FQDN and Certificates, which ports need to be used and more.

2. Installing the 3CX Clients

What are the 3CX clients and how can you use them to benefit your business? This module covers everything you need to know from how to provision them to how PUSH works.

3. Configuring a Desktop Phone

Desk Phones. Every business has them. With 3CX they’re super easy to configure and in this module we show how PnP works as well as how you can remotely manage the phones.

4. Configuring the Firewall

Learn all about what network traffic 3CX generates, how to set up and configure your Firewall, which ports 3CX uses as well as how to check if you have configured everything correctly.

5. Configuring VoIP Providers / SIP Trunks

Configuring a supported SIP Trunk with 3CX is a matter of a few minutes. This module covers setup as well as configuring inbound and outbound rules.

Are you ready? Take the test now.

  • 3CX Partners: Login to your Partner Portal account to take the test.
  • End-users: Register here to take your 3CX Certification test.

Women's Alix WaiWai Bag WaiWai Women's Green To pass the test and obtain your Basic Certified certificate, you must achieve a minimum score of 25 out 30, otherwise, you can take a resit in 31 days.

Upcoming Webinars:

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3CX Product Training – Basic – Day 2 2018/9/21 上午1:00:00
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